Spring Singers

Spring Singers 2020

Registration for Spring Singers is open!

Join Revels North Artistic Director Nils Fredland and a multi-generational chorus of singers from all over the Upper Valley, as we sing in the spring! The chorus is non-auditioned and for ages 8 to 108. Rehearsals are Monday evenings in Norwich, VT for nine weeks beginning January 27 and culminating in two performances celebrating the spring equinox the weekend of March 20. Join us in this colorful, powerful, polished, varied, and fun experience!

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Spring Singers 2019: Vermont Composers

Friday, March 29, 2019 7:00 – 8:30pm
First Congregational Church, Lebanon, NH
Sunday, March 31, 2019 3:00 – 4:30pm
Damon Hall, Hartland, VT
Suggested donation
Individual: free to $10
Family: free to $20
Join Revels North Artistic Director Nils Fredland and a multi-generational chorus of singers from all over the Upper Valley as we dust off the snow of winter and celebrate the arrival of spring! This year’s performances will celebrate the rich and living tradition of folk music in Vermont, featuring original compositions and arrangements of composers from Burlington to Brattleboro, ranging from the 19th century to now. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Artistic Director Nils Fredland looks back on Spring Singers 2019…
March 27, 2019

For the last nine Monday evenings, I have had the great pleasure of leading rehearsals for revelers of all ages in our Spring Singers community chorus. One of the many gifts I’ve experienced in my role has been the opportunity to write weekly emails to the members of the group. In thinking about what to share in this Director’s Corner, I was struck by the strong feeling that I wanted to include excerpts from each of those weekly emails — from the Welcome message to the most recent message sent earlier this week — as a window into one man’s vision of what makes Revels special.
Sing often, with others! It’s good for you.
With Gratitude,


We are a multi-generational community chorus, with over 60 participants, children to seniors,  coming together weekly on nine Monday evenings to find community, joy, peace, and strength through singing together. Raising our voices in unison and harmony will, I hope, encourage Spring to arrive in all of its blooming glory!

This year’s program features Vermont composers and arrangers. It is a stylistically eclectic mix of music, from shape note hymns to swing tunes, with themes including rain, ships, death, breakfast, and love. It is playful, poignant, heartbreakingly beautiful, and full of hope. I’m excited and honored to be able to share this music with you, much of which has been composed by dear friends and collaborators of mine from college days to now.


I hope you find solace, support, community, and joy as we come together weekly to sing. It’s as much about the people involved as it is about the music itself…and what a group of people we have. Spectacular — truly.


There is strength and confidence that can be found in being part of a group of people that comes together for a common purpose…in this case, giving the gift of hope to our community through song.


I love music because it makes me feel something that I don’t always tap into in other parts of my life. Sharing that feeling with our audiences at the end of March is the goal I’m holding for us throughout this rehearsal season.


Continue to sing with gusto, and try not to worry too much about getting it right (…that, in my experience, is a bit of a roadblock to the joy of making music.). You’re doing great, and I look forward to singing with you again on Monday.


I had such a great time at rehearsal last night — thank you for your energy, focus, and fun. We got a lot done, and smiled and laughed in the process. I appreciate what each of you brings to the mix…I try to take time during our rehearsals to have a brief moment of focus on as many of your individual faces as I can. I really do SEE you, and your presence in the chorus matters more than you realize!


How about just be bad at Revels? Enjoy it! It’s good self care, nobody pays you to do it — and when there’s no audition, being bad is officially allowed. So, why not just do the best you can and call it good enough? You’re good enough for Revels even unprepared, with no memory, on days when you can’t remember the tune well enough to carry it around in a bucket.

Singing in community is for fun. You don’t have to be good at it!


At the beginning of rehearsal last night, I mentioned John Cooper…my first and most important musical mentor. I was an awkward 8-year boy, and often didn’t feel like I fit in very well. Through choral music, Mr. Cooper created a world in which EVERYONE fit. That was partly about keeping music-making as our central focus and reason for being together; but it was also about watching an adult embrace his own awkwardness in front of a group, and courageously and completely demonstrate his love for the music he was sharing with us.

…and so, I happily embrace my own awkwardness in front of you on Monday nights, and strive to courageously and completely share my love of music with you. What a gift to be able to step into my musical mentor’s shoes!


I’m confident that every person in our audiences will find themselves amused, or moved to tears, or filled with joy, or having the thought that THEY want to sing with Revels. Perhaps all of those things, or perhaps something else entirely. This is why I do music…because it’s unpredictable and magical in the way it touches people differently.

Live music is a blending of grit and polish. I love you all! Bold, confident, beautiful, and unapologetic music-makers…every one of you.


I will treasure every note and moment in these shows, my friends. I’m grateful for your presence in my life. Thank you!

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