Revels Teen Auditions

Revels Teens Auditions Information

The next auditions for Revels Teens will be heldĀ Sunday, January 11th from 10-11AM atĀ 17 1/2 Lebanon Street in Hanover (located in the realtor office).

Prospective Teens will sing a short audition piece of their choice without accompaniment, potentially with other auditioners in the room. The selection can be from any era or genre with the exception of “pop” music. Traditional songs, carols, hymns, and early vocal works are recommended. Often a simple song well sung is more effective than a more complicated one; it helps to be sure of the words! Don’t try to impress us with something difficult — just sing something you love and know well. In the interest of time, we will probably stop you after a verse or two rather than hear the whole song. We may ask you to sing some scales to get an idea of your vocal range. We may teach a simple round for you to sing with the other auditioners in your group.

Auditions are not required for any teen who has previously performed with the Christmas Revels.

P.O. Box 415 Hanover, NH 03755