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Thank you very much for your tax-deductible contribution. Revels North keeps traditions alive by celebrating community and the turn of the seasons, through song and dance, with everyone—young and old. This magical, one-of-a-kind Revels experience goes beyond age, location, and ability—the passion we foster and the relationships we nurture are really what Revels North is about.  We are only able to touch so many lives because of your support.

Peter and Natalie Lewis

“My husband Peter and I, along with daughters Natalie (12) and May (7) moved to the Upper Valley from Miami in 2017. We didn’t know anyone here; didn’t know how to find our place. It was especially hard on Natalie, who found it hard to make new friends, and felt like she wasn’t good at anything. But she liked to sing and wanted to try Revels. Peter joined, too, to support her. They have been with Revels ever since, and it has been transformative for them both. As Natalie put it, “Revels was the first place I ever had a feeling of community,” and May added, “It’s something that I thought Sissy could never do, but she could, and she’s amazing at it!” Peter not only found a welcoming and open-hearted community, but was able to rediscover a love of music and theater that he’d not engaged with since high school. Now, after joining to support Natalie, it has become a central part of his life, too. He will be playing Mr. Wigglesworth in this year’s Christmas Revels. The Revels is a real treasure for the Upper Valley—I’ve never known another group like it—and has been a treasure for our family.”

Amie Thomasson
Mother of 2018 & 2019 Christmas Revels performer Natalie Lewis
Wife of 2018 & 2019 Christmas Revels performer Peter Lewis

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You can also become a sustaining donor by contacting Brian Cook, Executive Director, at 866-556-3083 or
Revels North thrives year after year thanks to a remarkable group of volunteers and financial supporters, from throughout the Upper Valley and beyond. Whether your enthusiasm for Revels North spans decades or was discovered in the past year, thank you for joining us and helping us bring year-round programming to our community.

For 45 years Revels North has played a very important role in countless people’s lives and they say it best why Revels is so important to them…

“In 2002, my children and I had a pretty traumatic event happen and we ended up staying at the Upper Valley Haven. The Revels North production team donated a bunch of tickets to the Haven, so we all went to the Christmas Revels. While we were sitting there you could feel the community from the stage and you could feel the love and the energy. Because of the situation we were coming out of I was desperately in need of a community and reason for joy.  We were offered scholarships, so there was no cost barrier. This community makes you feel like you are a special part of it and every single person is wanted, and loved and needed and welcome. We get to escape into a world of joy. I am just glad I was at the homeless shelter at the right time.”

Angi Markert

  • five-time Christmas Revels chorus participant
  • mother of two Christmas Revels participants

“Revels has been woven throughout the fabric of our lives, connecting our family to music, dance, and traditions from around the world. It marks the seasons of the year, and ties us to the community where we live, both on the stage and in the audience. We support Revels North because we want it to be there in the future for others to enjoy.”

Bill Schults and Betsy Maislen

“Revels isn’t more work on top of everything else I have to do, instead, it is a time and place to relax and free myself from the troubles of the world.”

Simon Weinstein (age 14)

“Revels involves my favorite activity, singing! I love singing with friends and having fun with the adults. I love the process of playing games to figure out families and stage positions, the costumes, and going on stage!”

Dalal Peaveler (age 8)

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