Christmas Revels Auditions

Auditions for chorus, actors and dancers

Ages 7 and up for

The Christmas Revels: A Nordic Celebration of the Winter Solstice

Friday and Saturday, May 12 & 13
Tracy Hall, Norwich

All auditions are by appointment; please sign up first

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After registering, you will be sent a link to sign up for time slots.

Audition Requirements for Choruses:

Revels chorus members are people who love to sing, who sing vigorously and accurately with a good sense of rhythm and who can hold their own part in a choral context. Some are experienced choral singers, some are not. Sight-reading is not necessary, but a good ear and the ability to memorize music and text are. All ages are encouraged to audition, so that we may create a realistic “village” on stage.

Adults and Teens (ages 12-18)

We schedule groups of 8 adults or 8 teens in 15-minute blocks (unlike the one-at-a-time format we have used in past years). During your audition slot you will sing a short audition piece of your choice without accompaniment and with other auditioners in the room.

Your selection can be from any era or genre with the exception of “pop” music. Traditional songs, carols, hymns, and early vocal works (Renaissance) are recommended. Often a simple song well sung is more effective than a more complicated one; it helps when you’re sure of the words! Don’t try to impress us with something difficult — just sing something you love and know well. In the interest of time, we will probably stop you after a verse or two rather than hear the whole song. We may ask you to sing some scales to get an idea of your vocal range. We will then teach a simple round for you to sing with the other auditioners in your group.

Children (ages 7-12)

We try to cast a range of ages and heights just as we do in the adult chorus. The audition process is very child-centered and encouraging, with some dancing, learning a new tune, and a moment for each child to sing a traditional song (no pop songs, please) as a solo, unaccompanied.

If your child is new to the theater, and sensitive, you may want to consider having them participate in a Revels Kids non-auditioned chorus (Revels Kids or Summer Revels) before auditioning for the Christmas Revels. We are not able to take every child who auditions, and the disappointment can be more sharp for children who have few other singing venues and/or no other experience of the Revels Community.

Returning Children’s Chorus Members:

We want as many children as possible to have the experience of being in The Christmas Revels, so children who have never been in the Christmas production will generally be given priority over those who have. The directors may make exceptions to this guideline as they see fit.


Adult and Teen Dance Auditions:

Adults and Teens will audition for dance together. Please arrive 15 minutes before the dance audition to warm up, and plan to stay for the full hour if needed. Wear comfortable clothes and bring clean, hard-soled shoes. Children’s dance will be cast in the fall as needed.

Adult and Teen Acting Auditions:

Adults and Teens will audition for acting together and all sign up on the Adult time slot schedule. Those interested in acting roles may be asked to read from a script. If you have a prepared monologue, feel free to come ready to perform it but IT IS NOT NECESSARY for obtaining a speaking role.


Participation Fee

Revels North cast participation fee is $75 per person. If the participation fee presents a hardship for you, please contact us at: . We will not turn any family away due to financial restrictions and we can offer a reduced fee schedule.


Performing in The Christmas Revels is a big commitment. Your participation requires attendance at all rehearsals. There are 13 weeks of rehearsals (one rehearsal per week and additional all-day or all-weekend rehearsals). The Christmas Revels has a run of 6 performances, spanning a period of one weekend.

Rehearsal and Performance Schedule

Adult rehearsals are usually held at Alumni Hall at Dartmouth College Hopkins Center. Other potential rehearsal venues are in Norwich or on the Dartmouth campus.

P.O. Box 415 Hanover, NH 03755