by Sherry Merrick

Internationally renowned world music & dance ensemble, Libana, comes to Thetford, VT on Saturday, May 9th. In 1979, a group of women sharing a passion for music, dance, and women’s issues formed the global music ensemble Libana. Inspired by Judy Chicago’s groundbreaking exhibit “The Dinner Party,” Libana took their name from a woman honored by the artist—a 10th century Moorish poet, philosopher, and musician—symbolizing women’s creativity, vision and spirit throughout time.
Come and hear sounds from our collective Revels past as Libana performs at the Thetford Congregational Church.

Susan Robbins, Libana’s Founder and Artistic Director, first graced our Revels stage back in 1976 with the group Quadrivium. Susan performed with our director Emeritus, David Gay in this group, as well as in the early music quintet Alexander’s Feast–along with beloved Revels North regular band member Hildur Colot. In the 70’s and 80’s Revels North would perform the same show as Cambridge and many musicians, like Susan, would first perform in our show and then go to Cambridge to finish out the performances there. Susan’s experiences with Revels North go all the way back to Carol Langstaff, our founding director. Another Libana member, singer and percussionist Marytha Paffrath, has appeared in over ten Revels North productions in the 80’s and 90’s. We hope you will take this unique opportunity to hear their music, performed once again for our community.

The intentionality of Libana’s own long-term creative community mirrors the experience of communities of women everywhere on Earth who share music, dance, celebration, life-cycle ritual, food, laughter, and spiritual practice to create deep moments of unity and transcendence in their collective life. Creating a bridge of the heart, their commitment to the artistic expression of the global community has inspired dynamic cross-cultural understanding, profound healing, and widespread peace-building.

995720_573752219335465_425006961_n - CopyLibana believes deeply in the power of song, the rhythm of the drum, and the spirit of dance to connect people across vast cultural difference, a commitment which we at Revels North profoundly understand from our own experiences within our own community performances. Please mark May 9th on your calendars as a time to come together with these traveling musicians who celebrate with us and for us, the values we hold in common.


Saturday, May 9, 2015 ~ 7:30pm
First Congregational Church in Thetford, VT 
TICKETS At the door: $20 (general), $15 (seniors 65+), $12 (students)
In advance: $15 (general), $12 (seniors 65+), $10 (students)

General Seating

Please visit libana.com for photos, quotes, performance highlights, and merchandise!


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